Port of La Gonave Anse-a-Galets

Lucosunshine Hotel is located in the heart of Anse-a-Galets, on the island of La Gonave approximately, one mile from the beach.
10 Blvd J.C. Duvalier Anse-a-Galet, La Gonave
Tel: 509-38-99-0722 , 509-37-48-00-13 Lucosunshine@lucosunshine.com, Luc.joachim@yahoo.com

Gonâve Island is an island of Haiti located to the west-northwest of Port-au-Prince in the Gulf of Gonâve. It is the largest of the Haiti islands. The island is an arrondissement in the Ouest Department; it includes the communes of Anse-à-Galets and Pointe-à-Raquette.

The island is made up mostly of limestone; the island of Gonâve is approximately 60 km (37 mi) long and 15 km (9.3 mi) wide and covers a surface area of about 743 km2 (287 sq mi). The island highest point reaches 778 meters (2,552 ft). According to the 2003 Census the population of the Gonâve island is 75,548 inhabitants.